Our Team

Faith in Women diverse women illustration

Ashley Peterson
Founder and Executive Director

I began Faith in Women in 2015, inspired by two major influences: my education and career in community nutrition and health, and my faith. I was raised in the United Methodist Church, surrounded by women of deep faith – my pastor, youth leader, church mothers, and my own mother. I didn’t know at the time how lucky I was to learn from them that I have sacred worth as a woman. They also taught me my body is my own. Trusting women to make the best decisions for ourselves and our families, including choosing abortion, is an important part of affirming our sacred worth. When our bodily autonomy is honored and we all have what we need to thrive – food, clean air and water, healthcare, childcare, housing, living wages – we get closer to “beloved community” (“on Earth, as it is in Heaven” in Christian language.) That’s why I do this work.

Rev. Anna Fleming-Jones
Coordinator of Community Care and Resilience

I worked as a Methodist pastor for 11 years, and now I take those skills and support people working toward reproductive justice goals. My intention is to help people grow in spirit and resilience in a holistic way through distance and in-person workshops, book clubs, and other experiences. I do this work because 1) IT MATTERS, and 2) I have had my share of run-ins with the White Christian Supremacist Patriarchy with my own education, career, pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering.

Our Community

Faith in Women works with clergy leaders, lay leadership and congregation members, and any person who engages their spirituality in the pursuit of social justice.

We have opportunities designed especially for clergy such as pastors, priests, and rabbis. Other events are geared toward church or community leaders other than ordained and staff leadership. Even so, most of our work is inclusive of any and all who seek Reproductive Justice regardless of position or status.

In our community, every person is an important actor in securing reproductive dignity and human rights.