Our Vision

Faith in Women diverse women illustration

Our cherished vision is of a world

  • where everyone has what they need,
  • where systems of hierarchy and oppression no longer exist, and
  • where the dignity and bodily autonomy of every human is affirmed and uplifted.

In Mississippi, we’re not there yet.

At Faith in Women, we acknowledge that white supremacy, patriarchy, and Christian supremacy are forces that shape every aspect of daily life for Mississippians. These systems hurt everyone. But Mississippi’s women and girls, especially Black women and girls, face disproportionate obstacles to building the lives we dream of.

Even under these difficult circumstances, Mississippi women have been on the forefront of every movement for justice and progress. And when we have what we need to thrive, amazing things happen- for everyone.

A Mississippi where women and girls are valued as full human beings. We’re not there yet, but we believe we can get there. Here’s how.