2020: Courage, Community, and Resilience

Our vision for 2020 is to grow in courage, strengthen our community, and embrace resilience. Join us! 

Courage: What gives you courage? When we think about our Faith in Women activism, it helps to remember why we are fighting for reproductive dignity for Mississippians. Do you want to create a healthier, more equitable world for your own children? Do you want access to higher quality healthcare for yourself or your community? This year, look for opportunities to dig deep and find your why, and to craft your story of courage to share with others.

Community: Faith in Women has supporters all over the state, and in 2020 we aim to build and fortify our network even more. We’ll be offering several opportunities throughout the year to invite newcomers, get to know each other, and strengthen our bonds forged in pursuit of the common good. Let’s learn and rest and grow together this year!

Resilience: The sacred work of activism can be both a beautiful gift, and utterly draining. How are you taking care of yourself and each other? A major focus for Faith in Women in 2020 will be resilience — how to care for ourselves and our community when the challenges seem overwhelming (which is often these days!) Throughout the year we’ll be offering opportunities to explore and deepen our resilience together.

Stay connected with us throughout 2020 to learn how to act, speak, and pray in ways that bring more freedom, health, and life to our communities!

A New Voice: As of this month, Faith in Women newsletters will be coming to you from Program Coordinator Anna Fleming-Jones! You may remember that Anna officially joined our team last spring, alongside her pastoral work as a United Methodist Clergywoman in the Jackson Metro area. We’re thrilled to have Anna’s personal and creative touch in this work!

The 2020 Legislative Session: Legislative session in in full swing! Claiming “Christian values,” every year our state government attempts to further restrict access to life-giving reproductive healthcare while failing to pass bills that would actually help to lift families from poverty, like Medicaid expansion and pay equity. Join our private Facebook group for real-time updates and ways to participate in the work of reproductive health, rights, and justice in Mississippi through our legislative process.

You can also stay connected through the Planned Parenthood Rapid Response Network: Keep engaged in the work of repro justice that goes on around our State; sign up to find what actions best suit your call to justice.

Take heart,




The Reverend Anna Fleming-Jones
Program Coordinator,
Faith in Women

@annaflemingjones on IG
anna.faithinwomen@gmail.com email me!

In Your Own Words

Why do you support reproductive dignity?

I support women’s moral agency and bodily autonomy in matters related to reproductive health, rights, and justice. While I support this for everyone, in this patriarchal culture where women’s bodies are objectified and not safe from violence and abuse, where gender inequity erodes autonomy and dignity and justice, where too few women have access to comprehensive reproductive health care – I especially support this for women – all women.

Rev. Carol Burnett, Executive Director of the Mississippi Low Income Child Care Initiative