Who We Are

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Get To Know Us

At Faith in Women, we envision a Mississippi in which all women and girls can live their lives with dignity, health, and joy. We believe that women and girls deserve full access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare and information with the respect and support of their faith leaders and communities. Sadly, this is not the current reality in our state.

Mississippi women and girls don’t have access to the reproductive health care and information they need to thrive in life. In the most religious state in the country, faith plays a leading role in the lives of many women, but religious leaders often do not have the knowledge, tools, or community support to minister to the reproductive health needs of women. That’s where Faith in Women comes in.

Faith in Women connects faith leaders across Mississippi with the reproductive health resources and education they need to compassionately and fully serve the women in their congregations and communities. From networking events to educational trainings, we provide a range of opportunities for faith leaders to meet and learn from trusted experts as well as each other. Connect with us to learn more!