April Resource Review: The Latest Podcasts We Love


With new podcasts launching every single day, the sheer volume of available content can be overwhelming to navigate. To help you out we’ve curated a list of some of our current favorite podcasts to listen to that inspire us, ground us, and educate us about the intersections of faith, reproductive rights, and social justice.

What exactly is a podcast again? A podcast is a form of audio or video media that can be downloaded and listened to on-demand at your own time and pace. Podcasts may feature a solo host, one-on-one interviews, or conversations among several people. The best part about podcasts is that nearly all of them are completely free, and you can watch or listen to them on your phone, tablet, or computer. For those in need of a Podcast 101, check this guide out to get you started listening today.


Recommended Podcast Subscriptions


rePROS Fight Back

Main Topic: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights 

Description: “From the frontlines of issues like abortion, birth control, sex education, women’s rights, and LGBT rights, rePROs Fight Back features interviews with the leaders who are fighting back against those who would deny or restrict our reproductive health and rights. New episodes debut every other Tuesday, and every episode gives you an insider’s perspective so that you can be the world’s best advocate.” 

Episode to Try: “The Maternal Health Crisis Facing Black Women


She’s All Fat*

Main Topic: Body Positivity 

Description: “We noticed an increase in fat visibility,  but a lack of spaces for fat women and femmes to tell their own stories in a conversational setting — a place to literally hear our voices. We hope that our little pod is a fun, entertaining, body posi space entirely devoted to fat stories.We cover current events, popular culture, personal experiences, and awesome guest interviews. Join us for a weekly half-hour all about body positivity,  radical self love and chill vibes ONLY.”

Episode to Try: “She’s All Fat Goes to the Doctor” 



Main Topics: Faith, Feminism, Friendship 

Description: “Kindreds is a podcast for soul sisters, hosted by Ashley Peterson and Katey Zeh. In each episode we take on all things faith, feminism, and friendship from our homes in the South. 

Episode to Try:  “Ashley Easter on Ending Abuse in the Church”


For A Just World 

Main Topics: Current Events, Advocacy, Justice 

Description: “The goal of the podcast – to equip clergy and people of faith to read the story of God in the streets of where we live in the world today, to make deep connections between faith, justice and  community building.” 

Episode to Try:  “Alive! In Our Sexuality and Faith”


The Liturgists

Main Topics: Art, Faith, Science 

Description: “The Liturgists are a global community working to subvert the barriers our society builds around religion, race, gender, ability, and sexuality. Our work is centered around compelling discussion, non-judgmental community, and thoughtful, evocative art. We believe there is room at the table for all who are hungry.

Episode to Try: “Embodiment” 



Main Topics: Feminism,  Intersectionality 

Description: “Cultivating our best selves and dreamiest lives is un-equally accessible for women, girls and gender-nonconforming folks everywhere. But by better understanding our unique identities, diverse lived experiences and underlying injustices, we can claim our space and make more room for others as well. That’s our Unladylike mission: To make inclusive, credible media that moves.” 

Episode to Try:  “How to Be a Mormon Feminist”


Still wanting more? Be sure to check out our post from back in November with more of our recommendations. 


*Includes explicit language