Doing The Work.

“Doing the work” can mean a lot of things. For some, the work is meeting the direct needs of the community through sex education, or child care, or abortion care. For others, the work is affecting change through policies and laws that create more just and equitable society. And for still others, the work is creating a vision for the future no matter what the current political or social circumstances might mean.

At Faith in Women, we take the long view of what it means to “do the work” of reproductive dignity and human rights, and for us, investing in transformational relationships and a resilient community is a big part of our long term strategy.

Last year Faith in Women hosted the Leaders of Moral Courage Fellowship, exploring the intersections of courage, faith, and community in reproductive health, rights, and justice work. One of the most powerful outcomes of the project was the “fellowship” itself- the new community forged by the fellows. The cohort created a basis for understanding, learning, growing, and acting that looked different than many movement spaces. A sense of love and collaboration grounded in spirituality pervaded that space, even when conflict arose.

Leaders of Moral Courage was a great example of building an alternative system/space/community where things are how we want them to be. With such a community supporting us, when the outside world doesn’t live out those same ideals, we’re equipped and energized to make changes.

Be encouraged as you do your part of the work. Thank you for being a partner in creating a world filled with justice and light and reproductive dignity for all.